[DSM7.2 Beta] Synology has finally released the DSM 7.2 beta!

DSM 7.2 Beta Finally Out!

Synology has finally released the DSM 7.2 beta! The download link is here and it has gone in and out

DSM 7.2 Release Candidate

On April 25th Synology pushed out the DSM 7.2 Release candidate:

When will DSM 7.2 be released?

This is always a hard question to answer. I would expect DSM 7.2 to stay in beta for 3 months, which would mean that DSM 7.2 would be released about June 7th, 2023. Though it could be much before that as it seems quite stable.

DSM 7.2 Beta Release Notes

Important Note

  1. This beta software is for evaluation purposes only and should not be installed in production environments. Synology cannot be held responsible for any damage, such as accidental data loss, caused by this beta software.
  2. After installing this update, you will not be able to downgrade to a previous DSM version.
  3. This update will restart your Synology NAS.
  4. Starting from this version, logs for drives will no longer appear in Storage Manager > HDD and will be available only in Log Center.
  5. Removed the “Automatically create port forwarding rules” option from QuickConnect advanced settings to increase network security.

Known Issues

  1. Users of Surveillance Station should keep their current DSM version. The package update compatible with this DSM version is currently in development. Once the package update is officially released, it will be available for download in the Package Center.
  2. This DSM update is not applicable to the following models: DS418, DS218, DS218play, DS118 and HD6500. The update compatible with these models is currently in development and is scheduled to be available in the next release.

What’s New

  1. Added support for WriteOnce shared folders. This feature is based on the Write Once, Read Many (WORM) technology and can be enabled to prevent files from being modified, deleted, or renamed for a specified period.
  2. Added support for volume encryption. All volume encryption keys are stored in the Encryption Key Vault, which can be set up on a local Synology NAS or via KMIP on a remote Synology NAS.
  3. Added more Synology NAS models to support M.2 NVMe SSD storage pools. Learn more
  4. Added more SSD cache group management options, including changing the RAID type and replacing a drive.
  5. Added support for inline zero-block removal to increase the efficiency of data deduplication.
  6. Adjusted how drive information is presented in Storage Manager. Users can now quickly check the condition of their drives by looking at the “Drive Status” field.
  7. Users can now view the amount of used and free space for each storage pool and volume in Storage Manager.
  8. Added a warning notification for when the available shared folder quota is low.
  9. Supports deleting individual desktop notifications.
  10. Supports sending DSM notifications via additional webhook providers, including LINE and Microsoft Teams.
  11. Supports creating custom notification rules for system events, giving users greater control over what notifications to receive.
  12. Supports exporting a list of users and of groups.
  13. Added support for SAML to integrate DSM with external SSO servers.
  14. Added the option to allow non-admin users to safely eject USB devices.
  15. Users can now manually input the IP addresses or FQDNs of one or more domain controllers in the trusted domain. This allows Synology NAS to sync domain data directly with the specified domain controllers.
  16. Users can now enable Synology’s email server to send DSM notifications directly to their Synology Account.


  1. S.M.A.R.T. testing for M.2 NVMe SSDs is no longer supported.
  2. Starting from DSM 7.2 Beta, Virtual Machine Manager will no longer support creating clusters with older DSM versions. Please update each host in the cluster to the same DSM version or above versions for the Virtual Machine Manager cluster to operate properly.
  3. Virtual DSM running DSM 7.2 Beta requires Virtual Machine Manager 2.6 or above.

How To update:

Updating was really easy. Note this is BETA so do this on a test build or a well backed up machine only! Its been fine for me but you could loose all your data!!!


  1. Download the beta for your version of dsm with this link
  2. Open control pannel and go into ‘Manual DSM Update’ and just upload the file! Its really that easy

Whats New:


The docker package has been replaced with ‘Container Manager’
I will for sure be doing a new video on how to use this! Side note it automatically starts any containers you had, even ones that were off.

SMB Multichannel

ITS FINALLY HERE: I have been waiting for DSM to have SMB multichannel for a while! It has the ability to use multiple connections to get faster speeds! Really useful to have for people with 1GbE connections. You can read up on SMB multichannel here

SMB multichannel can be enabled under the advanced SMB settings in control panel.

Encrypted Volumes

READ THIS POST FIRST. It currently looks like the encryption keys are unlocking the volume for anyone…

They are finally here! Now you can just encrypt an entire volume, solving so many of the issues with encryption and Synology NAS! You cannot migrate an existing volume to an encrypted volume, but now you have the ability to create one in storage manager.

The encrypted volumes appear to have no further restrictions on them. At least from my testing.

How the encryption keys work

They volume keys work different than regular shared folder based encryption. The entire volume is encrypted with a passphrase that the user inputs, and a key is automatically downloaded, just like shared folder based encryption. However this is where the similarities stop.

With volume based encryption the default is to store the key in the local volume (something I recommend for 99% of use cases). Though it does look like it can be changed.

They keys are automatically used the mount the volume on boot, and there is no way to ‘unmount’ them.

You also have the ability to regenerate the encryption key, which does not require the original key or passphrase (as long as the key value contains the key). Once you do this the old key will no longer work.

Synology KMIP for Encryption Keys

Looks like there is a feature that I missed at first, setting a NAS as a KMIP. This is a way that you can set a specific NAS to store the encryption keys for all of your NAS units. This should be really good for large companies who need to make sure that they keys are kept somewhere safe, while also being accessible!

Will definitely do some testing!

WORM Shared Folders

There is now an option when you are creating a shared folder in DSM 7.2 to create a ‘WORM’ which is Write Once Read Many.

It allows you to customize your settings here:

This is something that I know users have been looking for for a long time!

What do want to see!

From my limited testing everything pretty much just worked without a hitch. Let me know if you have any questions or anything specific you want me to checkout! This will be a living document!


Besides new features (great outline, Will), almost all packages will get an update. You will find them in Package Center, Beta Packages, during the DSM 7.2 beta. This might have to do with underlying changes in DSM 7.2. All new packages seem to be compatible with DSM 7.2 and later. They are not compatible with earlier DSM versions. A few examples to underline what’s going to change.

Some packages get a minor update, like Synology Application Service, which goes from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5. This package now depends on Node.js v18 against Node.js v12 in DSM 7.1.1. Node.js v12 is removed from DSM 7.2 beta.
Synology Photos, on the other hand, goes from 1.3.3 to 1.4.0. We might expect some functional enhancements. I have not looked into that yet.
The WordPress package goes from 5.8.3 to 6.1.1! This means that your WordPress will make a bit jump ahead.
The Notes packages now depends on PHP 8.0, whereas no PHP dependency exists in DSM 7.1.1 and earlier.

I assume that WORM and encrypted volumes are for Btrfs volumes only, not for Ext4. Any conformation on that?


Just tested it out:

  • Encrypted volumes are available with EXT4 (the volume encryption occurs BEFORE the file system is built)
  • WORM shared folders are not available with EXT4, only BTRFS

Does 7.2B come with updates on the Wordpress package? I’m still running with 5.8.8

A lot of plug-in I cannot install.

What about other packages?

Yes, WordPress upgrades to 6.1.1. See my earlier post in this thread.

Thank you for checking on these two features concerning the different volume types.

I’m really interested in the new SAML SSO options. Specifically I’d like to be able to have my users use their azure active directory account to log in to surveillance station. Do you know if this feature is supported? Can you make a video about this?

I have been meaning to drive into this!

Right now getting Azure hooked up to Synology is a huge pain for adding users to the DC! This would be great to get around it!

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Any guesses on when Synology releases DSM 7.2 officially?

I would bet in the next couple of weeks!

Have you tried to set up the new SAML SSO between Synology and azure active directory?