Synology DSM 7.2 - Release Candidate Out Now!

Synology has finally released the DSM 7.2 Release Candidate!

After about two months of being in Beta, Synology has posted the DSM 7.2 Release Candidate! This release candidate is now able to be installed through the general Download center and should be safe for tinkers to start using! I have had no issues with my DSM 7.2 beta experience (when it comes to data stability at least) but you should definitely backup your NAS before upgrading as this is not an official release, just a release candidate.

What is new in the DSM 7.2 Release Candidate?

Here is a link to the DSM 7.2 RC Release Notes:

and if you contrast it to the DSM 7.2 Beta Release Notes:

you will find that when it comes to features there are vey few that have been added sense the DSM 7.2 Beta. This is what you would expect as the beta adds all the features, and the release / release candidate really just build on those features, making them more stable.

What has change by far the most is updates to security, the majority of which are just from upgrading various open source packages to newer versions. (this is not even all of them)

Video Covering it

Just posted the video covering it here:

How to install the DSM 7.2 Release Candidate

Installing the DSM 7.2 Release Candidate is very straight forward now! Simply go to the Synology Download Center here and fill out your version!

At the top you will see an OS version where you can now select the DSM 7.2!

Note: This download server is getting hit hard! My download took quite a while!

Simply download this DSM 7.2 RC file for your NAS and manually upload the file to your NAS within DSM, under Control PanelUpdate & RestoreManual DSM Update

Then after a short update and reboot you should be on the new version! Mine was DSM 7.2-64551 but this can vary depending on your exact unit

What’s next!

I still have to do my full testing of DSM 7.2 so stay tuned!

I would also love to hear back from people on their experiences with DSM 7.2 RC both good and bad!


So right off the bat I got almost an advertisement within DSM for installing Synology Office:

This is much better then the annoying ‘extended warranty’ because it is at least a useful feature, but it feels slightly spammy!

The typo on that page doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling of the QA status.

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That is absolutely hilarious! I did not even notice that!

So we can for sure say that the synolgy ~ads~ within DSM were very much last second additions!

A bit spammy, yes, but I do love they’re pushing it as it is a good platform. Is Synology Drive included in that or is it just Office?

I just installed it and so far, everything is running like butter. I like the new Adaptive MFA. I do wonder what is deems as suspicious login attempts though.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 3.53.17 pm

I know quite a few people high up at Synology in Taiwan and QA, they take it very seriously. I’ve seen typos in beta’s/RCs of iOS before. It happens. Don’t let it make you doubt the product :slight_smile:

Do you have to force the update as described from Download Center or will it be offered as usual through Package Center (the way that most updates are offered)?

It’s a manual update at the moment as it hasn’t been released to the general public update stream. Just download it from support after entering your model :slight_smile:

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Not sure! On the box I was running this update on I had already installed Synology Drive. So it may have just been a companion as ‘hey you have already installed Synology Drive, why not add in Synology office’

Once you manually update your NAS to DSM 7.2, then the package center automatically finds all of the updates for the subsequent packages and you can just hit ‘update all’

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It would make sense as the web portal for Synology Drive works best with Synology Office and their PDF reader installed, then it works just like O365 or Google Drive.

I missed the end-of-life notice for iTunes Server. It’s a shame there’s no recommendation for an alternative. I guess I’ll have to reinstall iTunes somewhere else.