First post - what can we do to make this great!


Thanks for checking this out!

My goal for setting up a forum site is to have searchable help for people! So many times I will write the same response to the same question on youtube, but no one can find it because it is not indexed by google. The goal here is to give a single place for anyone to ask questions and help out!

You can also help me by giving me feedback as to what you would like added!



Thank you so much your a legend Spacerex! =)


Hi Will,

Thanks for all the great content, it has been very helpful throughout the years.

Speaking as someone who owns two Synology NAS units I’d love to see you branch out and include other NAS OS that are less tied to the hardware.

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I actually have, and am working on expanding further, a pretty good TrueNAS overview. TrueNAS can be either self hosted on your own hardware or using the prebuild stuff.

My issue with the rest of the all in one boxes right now is they all just got hacked, so I have a lot of trouble recommending them. TrueNAS uses nextcloud for its cloud stuff which has great security!

Maybe a Section for Synology Settings that are hidden gems?


I totally agree with that. The question is what’s the best way to split it out?

New to all this stuff so I’m not sure the best way to actually do it. I feel like we would either make a tag in the synology category OR just a single new topic on here that people can continue to add to.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for making this available to us and thank you for your time.

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Thanks man! It’s already been a ton of fun!

I forgot how nice a forum is, where people actually can reply to each other and have the space to actually communicate!

@ozicrypto thanks man!

The whole spacerex thing really ended up being a hobby that kinda just got out of control! I really enjoyed my old job, but it was one of those things where I just did not have enough time to do both!

Glad to see you on the forums! I have been really enjoying actually being able to have a conversation with people, rather than the chaos that is YouTube comments!

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what was your old work?

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I was actually a mechanical engineer. I worked on a civilian radar system tracking various space assets. It was a blast!

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Thanks for making this available and good luck…

I run a business in the UK which is dedicated to NAS storage and high speed networking for creative customers who need big storage.

We use Synology, QNAP, Promise, Mostly Synology to name a few.

We manage backups for all our customers in our own data centre, some for customers who buy dual units on and offsite units and others who backup to our storage.

We install lots of 10Gbe networks in conjunction with the storage.

Hope I can help


Will, thanks for the great content. I just setup my second Synology NAS, a DS1522+, and your videos made it much easier that my first Synology several years ago. Keep up the great work.


@ozicrypto Great to meet you man! I have been meaning to make my way down to Sydney! If I do we absolutely should grab a beer!

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Awesome! Yeah I end up doing a ton of consulting for photographers / video production houses. Simple NAS units with really powerful software end up being perfect for those guys!

Thanks for all of your hard work with the videos! I always learn something new from them and know I’ll be spending too much time on this great new forum-- thanks for that as well.
Congratulations on your life changes; it takes a lot courage to change everything at once but I’m sure you’ll fare quite well.

In terms of new YouTube or forum suggestions, it might be interesting to discuss strategies when you’ve outgrown your storage capacity. What are the advantages-disadvantages of expansion units vs. replacing existing drives with higher capacity drives vs. buying a 2nd new NAS vs. Synology Cloud?

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Thanks for setting this Forum up and making it available to everyone!!!

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Yeah I will definitely look at that! Its part of the reason that I went for TrueNAS (with ZFS) for my bulk file server! It allows me to just expand as required!

Thanks everyone for joining!

True Nas better to upgrade drive storage?