How to uninstall Active Backup for Business

I installed this package on my MacOS but haven’t used it as I decided to use TimeMachine for my Mac. How do I uninstall Synology packages?

You can uninstall the software from your Mac by dragging the Synology Active Backup for Business Agent from the Applications folder to the trash.

You can uninstall the Synology Active Backup for Business package on your NAS wit Package Center.

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If you right click on active backup for business on MacOS you can hit show package contents. Within here there is an uninstall app that you can open.

Then if you still have the _synologyabbbackup user on your computer I have a write up here:

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Never installed the app on my Mac, but thank you.

I never installed it on my Mac, but this tip pointed me in the right direction to uninstall it from my DSM. I should have been clearer I actually wanted it uninstalled from my DSM, which I access using a Mac. Thank you.

This isn’t the best way for this package; Will’s answer is more correct.