Massive Report of Hard Drive Failure Rate - Back-blaze data from 235,608 hard drives

Backblaze Hard Drive failure Report 2022

A lot of people have not seen that every year publish their complete hard drive failure rater for each year.

This has data from their 235,608 hard drives and they publish it every single year. Though do note that a lot of the data is from various ages, so it can be tough to get apples to apples comparisons.

SMART Data vs Hard Drive Failure

Probably the most useful article they have is about hard drive SMART data, and what is a good indicator of when a drive is dying:

^this article is absolutely worth a read!


Very interesting and as I’ve mentioned in another thread, this is very interesting to me and backs up my personal experience:

Failed drives were power cycled on average: 27.7 times.

Operational drives were power cycled on average: 10.2 times.

Keep your systems running :stuck_out_tongue:

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