StarLink, Twingate and Hyper Backup

First off my situation. I have a remote location which is services by StarLink and we know the challenges that presents when trying to connect Synology NAS to Synology NAS. When you, Will, did your video about Twingate it got me really excited. Hopeful this could be my ticket to using Hyper Backup to my backup NAS I want to put behind StarLink. I tried a number of scenarios and worked with the folks on the Twingate forum but ultimately did not succeed. So, I thought I would see if the bright minds here had any suggestions.

As a level set. I am definitely a Linux hacker, the kind of hacker that doesn’t really know what he is doing but is able to make some progress as long as I can be guided by something, I’m a Mainframer at heart.

To review, I first decided to spin up a Ubuntu VM and install the Twingate client in headless mode which I was able to do. To test it out, I isolated my backup NAS network from my primary NAS network and using the Web browser of the Ubuntu UI, I was able to access my backup NAS. That was promising but when I went over to Hyper Backup it couldn’t see the backup NAS. That didn’t really surprise me since Twingate is running in a VM and by definition the VM is isolated from the rest of the apps on the NAS. Now I don’t have a clue how Twingate does it’s magic but I wondered if there was a way thru the hypervisor to get Twingates magic out of the VM such that it could be used by Hyper Backup. I do not have the knowledge to explore this possibility.

Next, since the Twingate connector runs in a Docker container I tried that by building a Ubuntu container and installing the headless client. I succeeded getting the client installed but without a web interface and not knowing about Twingates magic I didn’t know how to test the access. Bottom line Hyper Backup did not work. Again, is there a way to get Twingates magic out of the container to positively influence Hyper Backup.

The last thing I tried was to build a DSM VM and see if I could install the client directly in the DSM. That didn’t even get off the ground.

The last suggestion from the Twingate forum was to build an infrastructure and use Rsync. I briefly looked at this but haven’t pursued it.

It’s timely that Will started this forum and I’m hoping to see if anyone else has and ideas.



Hi @ranord50,

So the issue with this setup is that Synology (after DSM 7) locked down security on all the apps that run on it. In doing so they locked down the ability for these apps to be able to create routes. Long story short, you can access the NAS using TwinGate, but the NAS cannot access anything on TwinGate.

The one that you can use is TailScale. I wrote up a how to to make it easier to update!

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Thanks Will, I will give it a go.


Wow, that was really easy. I had seen this video before but didn’t realize I could use the method with Starlink. Now I need to get my backup NAS behind the test and give it a try.

Thanks alot.


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