Synology DSM 7.2 - Hyper Backup


Hello Guys,
As you see in this photo, I’m encountering an issue that didn’t exist on 7.1,
Thats a new NAS with 7.2 installed, volume1 only exists and is encrypted,
When creating a S3 task with Hyper-Backup, this warning pops out as you can see in photo above, i click ok, then tried adding 2 tasks, 1 without client-side encryption and the other with client-side encryption. Both tasks become Green as successful but cannot browse the files at all.
When without client-side encryption if i click browse i get unknown host, and if with client-side encryption, when submitting they key it keeps loading until forever without an error and nothing shows.

Thank you

I do not have an answer to help you with, but I suggest you post this in the Synology category. You now posted in the General categories where Synology diehards may not read your post.

Hi Guys

Posting an update.
The problem was related to Hyper backup itself (The app). Once the NAS had an unexpected shutdown because of a power failure, and it seems hyper backup was corrupted eventhough no backup task was configured at that time. And to solve the problem hyper backup had to be uninstalled and installed back . Synology team discovered it after remote assistance

Regards to all

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Thank you for the info. In response I opened this topic regarding UPS recommendations.

Really good info!

Was it on an external hard drive?

Hyper backup seems like one of Synology’s most important and also weakest products. They really need to dedicate some time improving it.

Volume is raid, not external disk and i’m backing up to an S3 bucket. Technically as the Synology team was showing me logs, backup was successfull but couldnt read the backed up data because of corruption in Hyper backup libraries, actually it uses curl to read or authenticate i have no idea and curl was not able to use the dns of the system dns, they had to uninstall the app and install back

question for ya, did removing hyper backup and reinstalling wipe your backup list?

That depends on whether you enable the delete tasks setting when uninstalling.